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EcoMethods is an environmental solution provider. We provide resources and information to encourage environmental conservation and technological innovation. Our network of sites and tools provide information on environmental topics that can be advanced through education, communication, and collaboration. We want to help make a difference in the way individuals and corporations view our environment.

Our mission is to encourage conservation and innovation,
through education, communication, and collaboration.

In our society, we have many choices for pretty much everything we purchase and use. We want people to view products and services so that they always look at the environmental impact of their purchase. Not everyone will choose one product over another because one uses less packaging or the box is made of recycled materials...but maybe they should.

Everybody should be aware that most damage to the environment can't quickly or easily be fixed and it's much easier to prevent this damage from happening. Investing in renewable energy and "green" technology will be vital to our future as a society, but there are also important things that individuals and corporations can do right now. Some of the simplist and the cheapest ideas are still the best solutions.

Ideas that have been practically around forever, still need to become a reality for everyone. Ideas like recycling, consuming less, conserving energy and resources, and reducing pollution are very simple answers. If many individuals can reduce their impact by even a small amount, these small amounts can add up very quickly. Purchasing carbon credits to offset your footprint might be a good idea, but you should first reduce your footprint as much as you can.

Educating people about their impact on our planet is an easy way to start changing their actions.


Green Progress

Green Progress provides the latest green technology and environmental science news and resources. We're interested in the ways people are developing and using technology to create a more sustainable world.

While simple conservation ideas like reducing waste by recycling and consuming less, driving less, or just turning off electronics when they aren't in use are some of the best ways to protect our planet, we still need to create more efficient products and buildings as well as find cleaner energy sources.

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iFootprint calculates an individual's carbon footprint based on the emissions produced from their home, garbage, recycling, driving, air travel, as well as eating habits. iFootprint provides an estimate of an individual's direct contribution to global warming and climate change, and offers tips on how to immediately reduce their impact.

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About EcoMethods

EcoMethods and the associated projects were created by Matt Olech from Riverside, IL. Matt studied horticulture and landscape architecture at Iowa State University before focusing his career on software development and technology strategy.